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Our Vision

To help cultivate the vibrancy of the arts and culture as a partner in the community utilizing those core elements of civilization,
and making them accessible to everyone within the greater Bristol region.

Our Mission

The Bristol Arts & Culture Fund, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that seeks to provide cultural enrichment opportunities for the residents of the city of Bristol and throughout the region, by nurturing and encouraging local artists, and organizations to enhance the overall quality
of our community through direct engagement. 
BACF partners within a diverse community to inspire and support dynamic events and projects that cultivate the proliferation of the arts and culture to the greater Bristol region. We seek to provide access and education of the arts and culture to all with a variety of opportunities through
community leadership, future scholarships, grants, and gift planning.


Board of Directors:

Gregory Hahn - Chairman

Kenneth Lundquist, Jr. - Vice-President, Marketing & Development Director, Interim Treasurer

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